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Re: Status of Debian Policy


On Sun, 15 Jun 1997, Christian Schwarz wrote:

> TOPIC 11: policy about including documentation
> The current policy concerning docs is:
>      - HTML is the preferred format
>      - if the package includes docs than can be converted into HTML,
>        the maintainer should do so
>      - if the doc files are to big, they should go into a seperate
>        package
> There are a few problems, though:
>      - .info files can be converted into HTML on-the-fly by the CGI
>        script "info2www". However, the output of ``texi2html'' is
>        much better. Should we ship only HTML by default and put
>        .info in a seperate package? (cf. bug #7890)

The simplest solution is to ship html in a different package. This way
the user will be able to choose to not install the html docs if he/she
believes info2www is enough.

IMHO we should not drop .info from the main package, or we would have drop
the "GNU" in "GNU/Linux" (info is GNU's standard documentation system).

>      - how "large" may doc files be until they are moved into a
>        seperate package?

In general: 1 byte :-) By placing them in a separate package, the user
will be able to not install it if he/she wishes, and we will save a lot of
disk space in master, since doc packages go to binary-all.

I would change the policy from "if the doc files are to big, they should
go into a seperate package" to "if the doc files are too small, they may
go in the same package".


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