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Re: Proposal: /etc /usr/etc /usr/local/etc

Vadim Vygonets <vadik@cs.huji.ac.il> writes:

> Let's go examples.  When you install a window manager on a Debian
> system, it goes to /usr, but its config files go to / (namely
> /etc/X11/*wm/system.*wmrc).  Many Debian packages go to /usr, but keep
> their config files in /etc.  Excuse moi, but this is brain-dead.  It
> means that if you have a network with one file server, you must
> install the program on it, and then walk thru all the workstations and
> install a config files there.  Why?

Because in this way, you can alter config files for each
workstation. They don't have to share same configuration, infact, they 
usually have different configuration, at least at my office.

> My proposal is: if Debian policy is to install all the config files in
> one place, let's make it two places: let's create a directory under
> /usr called, say, /usr/etc, and keep there config files of the
> packages that belong to /usr and don't have to be re-configured for
> every box.

You can simply copy configuration for each workstation, and let users
configure it.

> Yes, I know that sometimes it's hard to distinguish between what goes
> to /etc and what goes to /usr/etc.  For example, {,x}inetd config
> files belong to /etc, although this program is in /usr.  then, it's a
> subject for discussion.  But hey, sometimes it's just *WRONG* to put
> config files in /etc!  For example, window managers, xdm(? - subject
> for discussion?), emacs, other editors, lftp, and many many more.

But many people want to mount their /usr partition as
read-only. Putting config files on read-only partition makes
administration very havy task.

P.S. Maybe you should read files in /usr/doc/debian-policy/fsstnd/
also known as Linux File System Standard, to find more descriptive
answers to your questions/proposals.

Tomislav Vujec                         Tomislav.Vujec@CARNet.hr
To understand recursion, one must first understand recursion...

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