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Re: Policy wrt Important (was Re: dc and bc in Important?)

jgoerzen@complete.org (John Goerzen)  wrote on 25.06.97 in <87oh8uvs6f.fsf_-_@glockenspiel.complete.org>:

> By the current definition of Important:
>  * Sendmail should be there instead of smail since people expect
>    sendmail

Nope. The sendmail interface should be there (fr example, /usr/lib/ 
sendmail), and it is provided by smail.

Further, I believe someone told me that SCO ships some other mailer, too  
(PP? Something like that).

>  * dpkg-dev should not be there since no experienced user of another
>    Unix would expect it
>  * lilo should not be there because lilo is not part of UNIX

Completely irrelevant. This is not an exclusive criterion.

> And:
>  * gcc should be in Important because everybody expects a C compiler
>  * libc5-dev should be there because everybody expects working
>    header files
>  * make should be there, I expect a working make in any Unix

Development stuff has not been standard in Unix for a *long* time.

>  * lpr should be there, it is standard with just about any Unix


>  * netbase and netstd should both be there, they are standard
>    on Unix


>  * csh/tcsh should be there (again, standard on various Unices)

I wouldn't know, I never use those. Their design is seriously broken.

>  * The list goes on...
> Basically, it seems that this policy doesn't quite apply correctly.

Sure doesn't look that way to me.

MfG Kai

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