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Re: Status of Debian Policy

> >>>>> "ghughes" == ghughes  <ghughes@cs.ucsb.edu> writes:
>     ghughes> True.  However, it can't handle gzipped pages, and
>     ghughes> hacking it to do so seems a) special case (because
> Ermm... on my system it can. lynx 2.7-1 (self compiled).
> netscape also handles it very well. I can't say about others because I
> haven't tried them.

Hmm.  It *does* appear to handle .html.gz; I hadn't thought that had been 
added yet.  My apologies.

The other problem with this still stands, however; links don't work 
because it doesn't look for .html.gz if it can't find .html.

> Apache apparently also lets you dynamically gzip them down the line.
> (The browser has to send the right headers tho). 

Yeah, I figured Apache was capable.  I *think* you can get WN to do 
something like that, too.  Not sure about the others.

>     ghughes> As far as *which* window manager, this is something else
> You mean web server?

Doh.  Shows you where my mind has been for the past week...

> Lynx without a webserver will work. But for netscape, etc., we should consider
> adding one.

Yeah.  Alternatively: we could hack dwww to insert references to the 
.html.gz if you ask for the .html.  This would nip everything neatly in 
the bud (except for having the server in the first place).  OTOH, it 
might require some substantial tweaking avoid touching the /usr/doc/ 
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