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Re: Problem with tcpdump in 1.2.17

On 8 Jun 1997, Guy Maor wrote:

> <branden@apocalypse.sequitur.org> writes:
> > The info in the new Packages file lists libpcap0 as being in net and
> > libpcap-dev as being in devel ...
> It's not a problem.

Well, no, that wouldn't be -- the -dev versions of packages are often in a
different place.  The point of my remark was that the Packages file said
libpcap0 was in one place, and libpcap0's own control file said it was
someplace else (net vs. libs).  If this isn't a problem big enough to
sweat about, I don't care...I just wanted to point it out.  If I thought it
was the end of the world I'd file a bug report.  :)

> The ChangeLog is actually listing _source_ package names, so there is
> only one entry for "libpcap0".  I will improve the format for bo when
> it will be edited automatically.

Oh ah (he said as comprehension dawned).

G. Branden Robinson
Purdue University

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