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Q/A group: please consider makedev and isdnutils for 1.3.x

i have uploaded a new isdnutils and a new makedev.

makedev: changed /dev/console and /dev/tty0 policy 
	(maybe it should go into stable. but xserver* can also
	 fix this bug with old makedev).

isdnutils: beta1 release of the new isdnutils. there are worlds between
the old 2.0 release and this one, tens of bugs have been fixed in the
upstream release, and now there is at least some documentation. 

everyone using isdn should use the new kernels (2.0.30-7 or 29-7),
because there are lots of bug fixes (closed memory leaks etc.). and with
the new kernel, you need the new isdnutils (e.g. old ipppd will not run
with 2.0.29 AFAIK).

new isdnutils package will replace isdnutils, isdnlog and vbox.  there
is a bug in dpkg, so only the first package gets replaced, and dpkg may
fail to install the new isdnutils package. i don't know how we can fix

please consider puting makedev and isdnutils in debian 1.3.X.


andreas jellinghaus

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