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Re: security/installation question regarding plan

On Thu, 5 Jun 1997, Colin R. Telmer wrote:

>1) What is /var/lib/netplan used for? It seems to me that the only
>   directory that is needed for netplan is /usr/lib/plan/netplan.dir.

I cannot remember why this was needed. There are multiple binaries running
though. One for the client and another for the server.

>2) Do I really need to change the suid of netplan from nobody to netplan? 

If it needs to write to a directory then it might be good.

>3) By using suidregister, isn't this creating a dependency on
>   the suidmanager package?

Yes. The script should check for the presence of /etc/suid.conf before
attempting to call suidregister.

>PS. This package will most likely not be uploaded until approx. June 17th
>when I get a chance to get to the console of my debian machine so I can
>try it under X.

Dont worry about that. I just have some trouble figuring out where all the
packages went and to figure the ones I still am responsible to. As long as
my e-mail address is in a package I will get e-mail regarding that package

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