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Re: Package priorities and dependencies.

Martin Alonso Soto Jacome wrote:
> > If you think about it, there's really no reason to select a shared
> > library package by hand; if you want a binary that uses it, it'll
> > depend on it; if you want to build against it, you install the -dev
> > package (which depends on it).  The only time you really want to select
> > it by hand is when another package had faulty dependencies, or when
> > you're installing a non .deb'ed binary.
> Agree again.  Shared libraries (and even other support packages like,
> for example, those containing run time programs needed by libraries)
> could be selected in a totally automatic fashion.  Even more, I don't
> think it's necessary that the user takes care of dependency problems
> directly.  We should allow users to make a basically arbitrary
> selection of packages without signaling any conflict problems, and
> let dpkg automatically determine which packages are needed for the
> selections to run, and in
> Have the Deity guys considered something along these lines?

We have indeed.  In fact what you describe above is pretty much
what I have specified for that part of the deity UI.

Behan Webster
(Deity User Interface designer)

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