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Re: Summary: File locking discussion

On Tue, 24 Jun 1997, Philip Hands wrote:

> I think we need to write two libraries:
>   1)  libnfslock        (or whatever)
>   2)  libmailaccess     (or whatever)
> libmailaccess should be something like PAM for mail delivery, providing access 
> to a user's mailbox by use of either Maildir, or dot-locking (via libnfslock 
> say), or whatever other method --- as selected by the user.

The following comments from /usr/doc/fetchmail/NOTES.gz may
possibly be useful here:

+ [...]
+ Why mess with all the complexity of configuring an MDA or setting up
+ lock-and-append on a mailbox when port 25 is guaranteed to be there on
+ any platform with TCP/IP support in the first place?  Especially when
+ this means retrieved mail is guaranteed to look like normal sender-
+ initiated SMTP mail, which is really what we want anyway.
+ [...]
+                                              no more grovelling
+ around for the system MDA and user's mailbox, no more worries about
+ whether the underlying OS supports file locking.
+ Also, the only way to lose mail vanished.  If you specified localfolder
+ and the disk got full, your mail got lost.  This can't happen with 
+ SMTP forwarding because your SMTP listener won't return OK unless
+ the message can be spooled or processed.

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