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Re: Simple policy question...

Okay, so say some random person who has installed Debian wants XEmacs 19.15
because he needs some feature.  This seems like a reasonable request...  He
could get it from the Hamm distribution, except that would mean he'd need
libc6...and he doesn't want to do that, because he's heard that it will
affect the stability of his system.

What then can he do besides compile it himself?  If the answer is only
compile it himself...is there a way we can add a special update directory
for 1.3, that will have later versions of programs, and people can
optionally tell dselect to look there?

Or am I missing a big part of the picture?


Message from joost witteveen (joost@rulcmc.leidenuniv.nl) on 6-13-97:
> > Okay, I know that before 1.3 was released, for a long time period the only
> > changes that were being accepted were updates that fixed bugs.  Updates that
> > only provided new features were not allowed.
> > 
> > Now that 1.3 has "shipped", are updates allowed to replace old packages, or
> > are replacment packages still only allowed that fix specific bugs?  (In
> > particular I'm wondering whether we will see Xemacs 19-15 and XFree 3.3 in
> > 1.3.)
> Situation of 1.3 is still more-or-less unchaged: only really serious
> bugfixes can go in 1.3.1, after (we have been promised) two weeks
> of testing. 
> XFree 3.3 has important security fixes, and there seems to be no other
> way to close the security holes currently in debian 1.3.0 than to include
> Xfree 3.3, so there is a chance that will be included. I'm much less
> sure about XEmacs 19.15 though, although I believe it also does fix
> stuff.

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