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Re^8: Status of Debian Policy

Am 26.06.97 schrieb liw # iki.fi ...

Moin Lars!

LW> Nothing, as far as I know. dwww, however, fixes thing correctly. That

But dwww is very slow (on my 486SL notebook).

LW> doesn't help people who wish to browse documentation without using a

Right, for this people I've written an online help system (called dhelp),  
that doesn't need a WWW browser. You can download the alpha version from:


LW> It should be pretty simple to write a tool to do it, e.g., in Python.
LW> I have the beginnings of one written (a dozen lines of Python, or so),
LW> but need some more time to make it usable.

Wonderful ;-).

cu, Marco

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