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Re: security/installation question regarding plan

"Colin R. Telmer" <telmerco@qed.econ.queensu.ca> writes:


> Also, netplan only reads and writes to 
> LIB/netplan.dir the directory that netplan puts files into, and the only
>                 directory that netplan will read from (see Network
>                 Security).
> where LIB under the vanilla installation would be /usr/local/lib.


> Questions:
> 1) What is /var/lib/netplan used for? It seems to me that the only
>    directory that is needed for netplan is /usr/lib/plan/netplan.dir.

The idea of the separate /usr and /var is so that I could change
/etc/fstab to include something like the following, and I wouldn't

/dev/hda5   /usr   ext2   ro   0   2

If netplan writes to /usr/lib/netplan.dir, it would break with these

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