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Re: points on future installation disks development

Vincent Renardias <vincent@waw.com> writes:

> * separate the "install" session from the "configuration" session.
> IMHO a system install should be done by asking almost no question (except 
> HD partitioning, and install media) in 10 minutes. All the configuration 
> questions should IMHO be asked AFTER the installation.
> Just think about it: consider Windows95, OS/2, AIX, MacOS, Linux.
> Linux is the only one to ask "what's your DNS IP addr?, etc..." in the middle
> of the installation.

As mentioned before this is necessary when you decide to install base
via NFS. And I plan to extend this to smbfs and ftp, so this might be
used even more often.

> The changes from the current floppy set would require to remove most 
> questions from the install procedure, and after the first reboot say "Do 
> you want to customize your system now?" before to start dselect.

We should provide a program that does all the customizations done by
dinstall later.

> The avantage may sound very slight, but after talking with newbie linux 
> users who have made a Debian install alone, almost all of them suggested 
> this kind of change.

NFS install is more common in professional environments ;-)

Sven Rudolph <sr1@inf.tu-dresden.de> ; WWW : http://www.sax.de/~sr1/

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