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RE: Use of suidmanager

I still have problems with that. What you describe is the eventual
scenario, correct? But right now it lacks functionality, because not
every packages uses it. So maybe we should add  a new rule in our

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>From:	Andreas Jellinghaus [SMTP:aj@dungeon.inka.de]
>Sent:	Tuesday, June 24, 1997 6:24 PM
>To:	Michael Meskes
>Subject:	Re: Use of suidmanager
>On Jun 24, Michael Meskes wrote
>> But only the ones that are really installed suid. If I make a program
>> suid that's not in suid.conf I can add this one by hand to the config
>> file. But all  the files installed suid by default should be in
>> /etc/suid.conf.  checksecurity (or another script) could them check
>> for consistency.
>no. all programs must be in suid.conf, so local permissions setup will
>work on these. if programs are listed in /etc/suid.conf, the suidmanager
>will take care and give the program the suid flag again. othervice,
>after every update the suid flag will be lost, and you will have to add
>it by hand. maybe we could change the algorithm, but thats how it works
>now. (IIRC :-)
>regards, andreas

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