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Re: Some new package proposals!

>Above all i'd like to officially provide my own original package
>"equivs-1.0.3", which is a dummy package used to circumvent dpkg's
>sometimes completely undesired dependency complaints. I made this
>package because i preferred to install and maintain a teTeX tree
>different from the official Debian version in "/usr/local/" so that i
>might take advantage of Thomas Esser's update shell scripts without
>having to worry about possibly screwing up my Debian system.

I'd be interested in this, because I already have a similar situation
that is getting worse all the time---to minimize administration
overhead I use the same files for Latex2html, teTeX, and others on
both my debian and non-debian (non-Linux even) systems.

I'd like to see what you did.

Richard W Kaszeta 			Graduate Student/Sysadmin
bofh@bofh.me.umn.edu			University of MN, ME Dept

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