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Re^2: End of Documentation Discussion

Am 28.06.97 schrieb alegre # saturn.superlink.net ...

Moin Fernando!

a> 1) The default format for online documentation is HTML. A web browser
a> (lynx) and a very small web server (boa) will be in the core distribution,
a> marked important.

But a lot of people don't want to have a WWW server on their system.

a> [A web server adds a lot of flexibility. Boa adds very little overhead. Try

But it need's a lot of power.

a> 2) Documents which can be converted on-the-fly to HTML will be installed in
a> their original format. This allows users to produce nice-looking

No, no. Have you ever used converters like latex2html? Do you know how  
much load this programs produce? Do you know how long it takes to convert  
a document?
It think this discussion unnecessary, because the policy says that HTML is  
the format for documentation.

a> [In all cases mentioned, the overhead of on-the-fly conversion is
a> acceptable enough, just a little slower than formatting man pages. Users

That's a joke.

a> Please, please. Try boa before deciding a server is too much overhead.

cu, Marco

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