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Re^4: Status of Debian Policy

Am 21.06.97 schrieb edd # rosebud.sps.queensu.ca ...

Moin Dirk!

DE> But they get html via the dwww package! Which gives them _more_
DE> documentation then there is in html only.

But this requires a www server! Not a good idea for slow systems like my  
notebook. And the result doesn't look great.

DE> Seconded. Nobody answered my mail from yesterday which showed that the
DE> doc-linux package will take up over 5 MB (instead of 1.6 MB) for the html
DE> stuff.

You could compress the HTML pages. But this is maybe a problem for some  

DE> No way. IMHO, we should add a Policy Guideline stating that html should be
DE> in a seperate package [1] and that info should be shipped as usual. I for

No. Then we should info and html in seperate packages. And the policy says  
that HTML should be the Debian documentation format.

cu, Marco

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