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Re^2: fixhrefgz - tool for converting anchors to gzipped files

Am 28.06.97 schrieb clameter # miriam.fuller.edu ...

Moin Christoph!

CL> 200Mhz Pentiums are the standard fare today. And I am running
CL> the boa webserver for example on some low memory 486DX66s with

I'm using a 486/100 and a 486SL/33. In my opinion we should avoid using  
the server to uncompress the files. We should find another solution.

CL> excellent performance. Boa serves directly from disk unless
CL> there is the need to gunzip something.

Right, but does all WWW server offer this feature? We can't force the user  
to install a specific server.

CL> The big issue here is that you want to change an existing
CL> very public API (http protocol) to include compression which
CL> may be a big hassle to install on many platforms and so far
CL> has not been an issue on the more popular platforms such as
CL> Win95 or other Unixes.

I don't see the problem. The online help system should be designed for the  
Debian users. If a Windows, MAC, etc user want to use the help systen he  
has to install gzip as helper application.

But maybe we would build a compressed file system using gzip and the loop  
back device?

cu, Marco

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