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Re: Status of Debian Policy

>>>>> "ghughes" == ghughes  <ghughes@cs.ucsb.edu> writes:

    ghughes> [1 <text/plain; us-ascii (7bit)>] On Jun 22, Bruce Perens
    ghughes> wrote
    >> Lynx can browse files directly, and can execute CGI scripts
    >> directly.

    ghughes> True.  However, it can't handle gzipped pages, and
    ghughes> hacking it to do so seems a) special case (because

Ermm... on my system it can. lynx 2.7-1 (self compiled).
netscape also handles it very well. I can't say about others because I
haven't tried them.

    ghughes> chimera, w3, netscape and all the others still don't) and
    ghughes> b) outside of its domain of relevance.  As well, it
    ghughes> (rightly) looks for references of the form
    ghughes> `foo/bar.html', when it would have to look for
    ghughes> `foo/bar.html.gz' and do the unzipping.

    ghughes> In contrast, info browsers have been handling compressed
    ghughes> files for what feels like eternity to this young'un ;-).

    ghughes> You can configure a web server (almost any web server, if
    ghughes> I remember correctly) to dynamically unzip the pages as
    ghughes> they come down the line, however, and this seems more in
    ghughes> line with what one expects a web server to do.  If HTML
    ghughes> is to be used in any form, a minimal web server would
    ghughes> also be important, if only for this aspect.

Apache apparently also lets you dynamically gzip them down the line. (The browser
has to send the right headers tho).

    ghughes> As far as *which* window manager, this is something else
You mean web server?

    ghughes> entirely.  WN is nice, but requires slightly nonstandard
    ghughes> update files, and Apache is occasionally too big but
    ghughes> certainly capable (although I have never really
    ghughes> understood this, having run it on every Linux machine
    ghughes> since my 386SX).

Lynx without a webserver will work. But for netscape, etc., we should consider
adding one.

    ghughes> Boa might be a possibility, if it could be told how to
    ghughes> transfer gzipped files; I have positive experiences with
    ghughes> it, but I don't know whether this is something it can do
    ghughes> by default.  -- Graham Hughes <ghughes@cs.ucsb.edu>

I haven't tried Boa, but NCSA and CERN looked OK to me.

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