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Re: Policy wrt mail lockfile (section 4.3)

>>>>> "Christian" == Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> writes:

    >>  What happens?  Can you describe the problem?  Explain your
    >> setup in more detail, please.  I would like to know more about
    >> the problems that are encountered with nfs.

    Christian> The servers receives all mails from the Internet
    Christian> through sendmail (via UUCP). I have a ".forward" on my
    Christian> account to transfer all mails to procmail. procmail
    Christian> sorts the Debian mailing lists out (puts them in
    Christian> specific folders). All other mails are stored in
    Christian> /var/spool/mail/schwarz.

 If you make `procmail' your local mailer, with


... in "/etc/sendmail.mc",  then run sendmailconfig  on it,  you won't
need  a .forward  anymore, and  your  .promailrc will get run  through
procmail automaticly.  It's a lot more efficient this way, I think.

    Christian> When I access that folder with pine exactly when
    Christian> procmail modifies it (this happens frequently!) pine
    Christian> complains about some other process modifying "his"
    Christian> folder and aborts.

 I guess  that Pine doesn't conform  to our locking policy.  It should
see that the file is 'locked' and block until the  .lock to goes away.
I've never used `pine'.  Is there a setting to have it do this?

 I'm using Gnus, in XEmacs,[1] to read my  mail now.  In the Gnus info
manual, I found settings for using procmail  delivery folders, so that
Gnus will honor the  locking files.  It took  a short afternoon to set
up, and  I  really   like it.   It's got   the  advantage  of  putting
newsgroups and email  in the  same interface.   And,  in XEmacs,  it's
fully MIME capable, with sound and pictures and everything.  (I've got
to quit advertising.)

[1]  It's also in Emacs.

Karl M. Hegbloom <karlheg@inetarena.com>           finger or ytalk:
http://www.inetarena.com/~karlheg           karlheg@bittersweet.inetarena.com
Portland, OR  USA
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