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Re^2: Documentation Policy

Am 25.06.97 schrieb joey # kite.ml.org ...

Moin Joey!

JH> I haven't been following this thread closely (catching up on mail backlog
JH> after vacation), but the reason I've heard why it's not acceptable to ship
JH> only info files and convert to html on the fly is because the converter in
JH> dwww that does this produces crappy output. Why not just replace it with a

Why should we ship info files? HTML is better format. The most system will  
use HTML as their help system in the future. KDE for example uses HTML.

JH> better converter? This dicussion smells to me of making policy to work
JH> around a technical problem.

Because it's impossible to make a good converter? The most user's don't  
like the info format and its browsers.

cu, Marco

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