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Re^2: Info or HTML: which should be the default, which in a separate p

Am 21.06.97 schrieb storm # gate.net ...

Moin "Scott!

"SKE> Except for those of us who don't want DWWW, don't want a web server, but
"SKE> do want to browse HTML under lynx.  Then the links break if you compress
"SKE> it.

That's not true. We could compress the HTML files and browsers like lynx,  
netscape etc can read this compressed files. But we have to change the  
links in the documents from .html to .html.gz.

"SKE> providing the functionality elsewhere.  And I'm not convinced an HTML
"SKE> search engine is the solution, that requires cluttering my drive up with
"SKE> cache files for the engine.

These files are small! To index 300 MB HTML (like on the c't ROMs) you  
need 10 MB.

cu, Marco

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