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Re: Status of Debian Policy

On Jun 22, Bruce Perens wrote
> Lynx can browse files directly, and can execute CGI scripts directly.

True.  However, it can't handle gzipped pages, and hacking it to do so
seems a) special case (because chimera, w3, netscape and all the others
still don't) and b) outside of its domain of relevance.  As well, it
(rightly) looks for references of the form `foo/bar.html', when it would
have to look for `foo/bar.html.gz' and do the unzipping.

In contrast, info browsers have been handling compressed files for what
feels like eternity to this young'un ;-).

You can configure a web server (almost any web server, if I remember
correctly) to dynamically unzip the pages as they come down the line,
however, and this seems more in line with what one expects a web server
to do.  If HTML is to be used in any form, a minimal web server would
also be important, if only for this aspect.

As far as *which* window manager, this is something else entirely.  WN
is nice, but requires slightly nonstandard update files, and Apache is
occasionally too big but certainly capable (although I have never really
understood this, having run it on every Linux machine since my 386SX).

Boa might be a possibility, if it could be told how to transfer gzipped
files; I have positive experiences with it, but I don't know whether
this is something it can do by default.
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