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Thanks! You've done a good job.

Hi all you developers and maintainers,

I just came in from a successfull Debian install.  (My last full
install was somewhat in the past, so I didn't know the the current state
and I expected almost every thing to happen during the install.)

It just went through.  First floppy (since the target machine couldn't
boot from CD) and the job was done, almost.  Network setup, some
slight changes in squid setup and ready.


(Ok, to make you/us not too happy -- it was a server machine, no X11
needed beside the libs ...)

email : heiko@lotte.sax.de heiko@debian.org heiko@sax.de
pgp   : A1 7D F6 7B 69 73 48 35  E1 DE 21 A7 A8 9A 77 92 
finger: heiko@sax.sax.de                heiko@debian.org

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