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Re: Tri-Linux's discription

On Thu, 12 Jun 1997, Brian White wrote:

| > Do you know if they will be selling the Official 1.3.0 CD
| > or the Official 1.3.1 CD with the new XFree86 3.3 release?
| I would not count of X3.3 being release on 1.3.1.  The X packages are
| _huge_ and I doubt they will be anywhere close to completely tested by
| that time.

I emailed cheapbytes com asking about a Debian CD, as they have nothing at
all listed on their main page for us, and they said they were holding
untill something with X 3.3 comes out.

Will this happen soon?  If not, someone 'higher up' ought to let them
know, so we can at least have 1.3 on their site.


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