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Re: Status of Debian Policy

On Sun, 15 Jun 1997, Jim Pick wrote:

> > >      All packages that provide HTML documentation should register these
> > >      documents to the menu system, too. Check out section section 4.1, `Web
> > >      servers and applications' for details.
> > 
> > Is that as well as registering with dwww?
> I'm changing the way documents register themselves with dwww (again).
> Hopefully, I'll get enough accomplished so that I can upload 
> something to experimental today.  I wouldn't encourage anybody to
> register their documents with dwww just yet, since it's all going
> to change.  Hopefully, I'll get past the prototype stage in the
> next month or so, and there will be a standard supported way of
> registering documents with dwww.

I'm somehow confused now. Is registering to "dwww" any different from the
"menu" system? Joost, perhaps you can give use some hints here (I think
Jim is offline now).



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