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Re^6: Status of Debian Policy

Am 23.06.97 schrieb pdm # informatics.muni.cz ...

Moin Milan!

MZ> - It's non-free.

That's a real problem.

MZ> - It's big.

But not bigger than xemacs!

MZ> - It can't run on text console.

But lynx can.

MZ> - Limited possibilities of handling gzip files (typing xxx.html
MZ>   doesn't find xxx.html.gz) => problems with links (may be solvable by

Right, but typing xxx.html.gz will work! We can write a litte sed script  
to change the links from xxx.html to xxx.html.gz inside the documents.

MZ> - Limited searching facilities (general problem of HTML).

Wait for my dhelp ;-).

cu, Marco

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