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Re: Sub-categorizing the /usr/doc directory.


On Jun 29, Mark Baker wrote
> particular problem with linux? Will the current changes to the VFS code in
> 2.1.x help?

No, not realy. The 2.0 Code is rather well optimized (with dir cache and
stuff). The Access of the Directory can be optimized and is a bottleneck on
system like news-servers, but the time consuming operation which makes the
browsing slow is not the kernel, but the user mode processing. The only
speed up here which realy helps is using smaller directories or
a pre-generated index. 

BTW: a <tab><tab> in bash which will list 350 items will take only a few
seconds on my slow 386DX33, and the second time I press tabtab i will get
the response immediatelly.

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