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RE: Use of suidmanager

But that means we have to add all permission since all are configurable.
Isn't it a better idea to save the standard setting only for those
programs that are setuid by default?


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>In article <199706231059.MAA07131@gauss.topsystem.de> you wrote:
>: Could anyone please tell me the advantages of suidmanager as it is right
>: now? I can see the usefullness of a tool like that, but I wonder if there
>: should be a daily test run to make sure no other file are suid. Or is this
>: dones elsewhere?
>Not all packages use suidmanager and thus the list in /etc/suid.conf is
>not complete.
>: Also why are there file in /etc/suid.conf that are not suid at all:
>: debmake /usr/bin/build root root 755
>: debmake /usr/bin/debpkg root root 755
>Suidmanager manages configurable permissions in general not only suid
>These binaries can be made suid. For example on my system:
>user /usr/bin/build root wheel 4754
>user /usr/bin/debpkg root wheel 4754
>I dont need sudo or other contraptions to build packages. More in
>/usr/doc/debmake. I can just type "build" and a packages goes through
>the complete build process.
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Trouble?  e-mail to templin@bucknell.edu .

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