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Ultralib (was Re: FreeQt ?)

In article <Pine.LNX.3.96.970601220934.1386E-100000@Wakko.ualberta.ca> you write:
>On Mon, 2 Jun 1997, Christian Hudon wrote:
>> On Jun 1, Jason Gunthorpe wrote
>> > 
>> > There is something called the UltraSound Project. They have made OSS
>> > interface compatible drivers for the various GUS based cards. But they are
>> > not included in the official kernel, you have to get it and build it as a
>> > module yourself :<
>> Is it useable? Is it better than OSS/Lite? Anybody care to package it up?
>If you have a GUS card then that is probably the sound driver you should
>be using! It looks extremely good, but I never tried it here with my gus
>(no time :|)

I'm using it here without problems - _far_ better than the OSS GUS support
for most things. I've even volunteered to Debianise it, but it'll take
some time... 

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