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Re: Re^2: Documentation Policy

> MB> Why should we ship info files? HTML is better format. The most
> MB> system will use HTML as their help system in the future. KDE for
> MB> example uses HTML.
> The Info format is a lot better, tecnically, than HTML. That's what
> I've heard. Maybe the problem is that there is no Info browser that
> satisfies the non-Emacs adepts.
> Just because a lot of people prefer HTML, does not mean it's better.
> So, we have to choose: the better or the most popular.

People usually have this kind of choice when deciding which Linux
distribution to pick (Debian or RedHat :), but note, they have the
*choice*. The best way is to give user the choice at that point 
(and ship .texi or SGML sources) but if this is considered technically
difficult to compile the proper documets on the fly, well, then I would
vote for HTML. It is not only most popular, but also *very* flexible
with all kinds of CGI scripting, MIME processing, etc. 

BUT... *Do not drop (or convert to HTML) usual man pages*
It is the least featurefull way of browsing documentation, but it is
the fastest na dmany people got accustomed to it. 


Alex Y.

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