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Re: Perl Police (was Re: Bug#10405: package naming)

On Mon, 9 Jun 1997, Brian S. Julin wrote:

> On Mon, 9 Jun 1997, Christian Schwarz wrote:
> > I think this naming scheme is quite reasonable. What does everyone else
> > think about it?
> What do you do if you do have a package turn up with an underscore
> in its name? 

We could easily replace it with a dash (-).

> > (I'm definitely against having more special characters in file names, as
> > `+' or `:'.)
> Personally I think it would be best to change the module name as
> little as possible.  '+' and ':' were at some point legal for package 
> names, according to deb-make's error messages and behavior.  Perhaps
> we should just ask a dpkg pro?

I would not like to have these special characters in file names. Let us
try to stick to the current "set of legal characters".

> > This sounds as you've set up a "default procedure" of how to pack CPAN's
> > module into .deb's. Great! I always thought of something like that but I
> > never had time to do so.
> Yes, I'm working on it at least.  My next step is to add pod2html calls 
> so the Debian policy on using HTML when possible is satisfied.  I am
> doing this with an architecture subclass MM module for ExtUtils::MakeMaker
> and a few very minor changes to MakeMaker.pm itself.  You can examine
> the work-in-progress at http://calyx.com/~bri/projects/Debian/

I did not yet have time to look at your page. However, this sounds great!
IMHO, we should try to get all stuff of CPAN into debs--and this should be
highly automized. And of course, every package should provide HTML docs.

> One of the goals here is for the packages to smartly determine 
> which other perl packages they depend upon by examining the
> 'use' and 'require' statements and such.  This is already partly
> done by MakeMaker, in fact there is an ALPHA test extension that
> goes to the CPAN ftp archive to retrieve files you are lacking 
> automatically.  All I need to to is harness the results of the 
> functions they are using for debian's purposes.
> However I will end up with a major headache if I cannot reliably 
> map perl module names to debian package names.  I'd prefer it to
> be pretty, but definitely need it to be functional.  It's bad enough
> that the case-folding runs me the risk of collisions between module 
> names.

What is your problem exactly? We could easily change our standard to
"cpan-xxx.deb", for example.

> > Since CPAN's modules all apply to a certain "standard" (i.e. all makefiles
> > have the same structure) such a default procedure is definitely a good
> > thing. (Perhaps we could add this functionality to deb-make. If it
> > discovers a CPAN module it could set up everything for the maintainer
> > automatically and he/she would just have to fill in the description, etc.)
> Yes, I was thinking that my MM_Debian_Linux.pm file could be distributed
> in the deb-make package.
> Answer me a question -- I see a lot of newer debian packages using
> "./debian/stamp-build" as the stamp target yet deb-make and 
> dpkg-buildpackage seem to like to touch and clean "./build", which I 
> suppose is obsolete behavior.  I note though that the "hello" package 
> still uses it.  Is there a  good example of a modern debian/rules 
> file available?  I'd be willing to mail the maintainer of deb-make
> a patch to modernize it.

I don't know of such a change. However, the "hello" package is still the
one that should be used as reference if you are in doubt. Note, that the
"deb-make" package is still a bit "unofficial", though it is really



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