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Re: Rescue disk and Thinkpads (problem identified).

Rob, Steve, and Co.,

Is this when booting from the floppy only, or from hard disk too?
I suspect a software bug in SysLinux, the floppy bootstrap. Once I
get some more data from you I will take it up with H. Peter Anvin,
the SysLinux author.



Rob Browning wrote:
> I had posted earlier about a problem getting Debian 1.2/1.3 installed
> on a 365x thinkpad.  Several solutions were offered and in the end it
> turned out that the people claiming that some thinkpads could not
> handle the bzImage format were correct.  It was not the
> "floppy=thinkpad" problem.  I didn't need that at all.
> So, if it doesn't make the kernel too big, could we switch back to
> using zImages on the rescue disk rather than bzImages?  It won't hurt
> any other machines, and there are apparently a (small) number of
> machines out there (some Thinkpads and some Toshibas I think) that it
> would greatly help.

From: Steven Bruce Dunham <dunham@cps.msu.edu>
> I have the same problem with my Dell Laptop.  With the same source tree
> and config options, the zImage boots and the bzImage resets the machine
> after loading.  If there is no convincing reason to use bzImage, we
> should switch to zImage.

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