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Re: Problem: bash 2.01 dumps core!

"Christian Hudon" <chudon@ee.mcgill.ca> writes:

> I hit a <ahem> small problem while installing packages from
> Incoming... Bash now dumps core on startup. And one of the
> interesting side effects of this is that I can't install/remove
> packages anymore:

I suspect the problem was when you installed the new libreadline2,
somehow either ldconfig wasn't run or for some reason your bash
wouldn't work with the new libreadline even after ldconfig was run.

The critical section, as far as I can tell, is when installing the new
libc5 based libreadline from /lib into /lib/libc5-compat and keeping a
working /bin/sh (bash, understandably, doesn't like it when you move
it's libreadline to a different directory and don't tell the dynamic
linker).  The libreadline2_2.1-2.1 postinst is a C wrapper which runs
ldconfig since a shell script obviously wouldn't work.  Perhaps the
wrapper failed for some reason?  (Right now, I *really* wish dpkg kept

I've moved the new bash package out of Incoming/ and into ~troup/ on
master until I can get this sorted out.

I really don't understand what went wrong, I upgraded a machine from
unstable to bash-2.01 without problems, as did "netgod".  And from the
fact that two developers uploaded libreadlineg2 dependent packages, I
assume that it didn't hose their machine either.  I'm truly sorry it
did for you :-(

I'll have a look at the info you've written here, and ask anything
else I need in private mail.

James :(

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