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Re: thread support

On Fri, 13 Jun 1997, Guenter Geiger wrote:

> I am rather new to this list, so excuse me if this question has
> already been dealt with. 
> Will there be kernel level thread support for Debian ?
> The Linuxthreads package from Xavier Leroy is a very good Thread
> Library supporting Posix threads. In order to develop threaded
> applications there should be some changes in different packages:
>  - the libpthread0 packages comes without header files !
>  - libraries should be compiled reentrant
> This sounds like a big job, will it be worth it ?
> According to the linuxthreads FAQ no distribution currently supports
> reentrant libraries ( Xlib is very critical about that ) 

The linux 2.0 and beyond kernels have kernel thread support.  Glibc is
reentrant and there is a posix threads addon (which is practically
mandatory) for glibc.  Since glibc (aka libc 6.x) will be the system libc
for Debian 2.0, there will definitely be kernel level thread support for

It's just a matter of making sure all of the other libraries get thread
safe, which will get partially done I'm sure.  The ones that aren't, you
can work around it by just using them in a single thread usually.

Of course, thread support in the libraries is nice, but it will only
become really cool when applications are modified to make use of threads.
A multi-threaded gzip would be nice. ;-)


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