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Re: Re^2: Status of Debian Policy

[ CC'ed to Christian for policy question, and to Manoj for VM example. ]

  Marco> Ask the users! The most people hate the info format and it's
  Marco> browsers. We should include the HTML documentation in the package.

But they get html via the dwww package! Which gives them _more_ documentation
then there is in html only.

  Scott>  I'm sure I'd rather have info than HTML.  Info browses nicely,
  Scott> especially now that we have info patched for cursor key navigation.
  Scott> HTML is larger and more cumbersome.

Seconded. Nobody answered my mail from yesterday which showed that the
doc-linux package will take up over 5 MB (instead of 1.6 MB) for the html

  Santiago> IMHO we should not drop .info from the main package, or we would
  Santiago> have

  Marco> I think, we should ;-). 

No way. IMHO, we should add a Policy Guideline stating that html should be in
a seperate package [1] and that info should be shipped as usual. I for one
consider it a misfeature that the vm package dropped the .info for the .html.
Make it an option to add html docs, but don't make it compulsory.

[1] Unless there is very little html doc in which case we don't have to split
    that package

  Marco> The HTML format is more flexible and the output looks much
  Marco> better. All package maintainer's should convert the documentation
  Marco> from LaTeX oder Texinfo to HTML.

  Scott>  Okay, show me how to search a HTML version of the bash info
  Scott> documentation for a concept and I'll believe you.

Couldn't agree more.

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