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Re: Re^2: Status of Debian Policy

>>>>> "MB" == Marco Budde <Marco.Budde@hqsys.antar.com> writes:

    MB: The most beginners don't like info because there's no good
    MB: browser. I would vote for texi2html because it look's much
    MB: better than info2html and the user doesn't need a WWW server.

There is one good info browser: GNU Emacs.  On the other side I don't
know any good browser for HTML, that's the main problem of HTML

OK, if HTML was chosen as Debian documentation format, why not.  But I
really don't know why to waste my limited disk space for (mostly
uncompressed!) HTML documents, when (from my point of view) better
format is available.

    MB: I think we should use HTML in the packages. Additional we
    MB: could produce postscript files for printing.

Further wastage of disk space for many users.

I know it was said many times, but AFAIK nothing happened yet: the
best choice is to provide facility to install chosen and/or prefered
type (HTML, info, postscript, text, ...) of documentation if

Milan Zamazal

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