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Re: Vision of new installation method using webserver

On Sun, 29 Jun 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

>No, we don't have perl on the rescue disk. However really tiny servers
>that handle CGI are probably possible.

Some more thoughts regarding the space issue: I think the amount of space
required for such a system can even be smaller than a normal rescue disk.

Think about the following steps that such a rescue disk would do:

1. Detect Ethernet Board

2. Get IP configuration from BootP or DHCP server (or manual
configuration with PPP dialup to ISP?)

As soon as that is done Internet Access is probably not a problem anymore.

The rescue disk could at this point load a web-interface from an ftp

Locating an FTP Server and retrieving that image could be done:

1. Via a setting communicated in the BOOTP information obtained from the
BootP or DHCP server (f.e. the sa field)

2. Failing that the rescue disk could try to ping some well known Debian
FTP mirrors. The one which answers the fastest is used to retrieve the
image necessary for the web interface.

3. Manual configuration (maybe also retrieve that image from Harddisk/
CD-Rom/ another floppy)

The web-server does not actually need to be on the rescue disk. Something
like a web-configuration base system could be on the ftp sites and the
rescue disk would simply untar that into the root directory.

This would also guarantee that an installation always gets the newest
release and the newest fixes by the way....

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