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Re: Sub-categorizing the /usr/doc directory.

On Jun 29, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote
:  I think it would be good to divide the "/usr/doc" directory into sub
: directories.  It should be divided in the same as the Debian ftp site,
: and packages should put their documentation into the same slot as the
: one they got ftp'd from.
:  The directory is very large when you have a lot of packages
: installed, and it takes a lot of processing to open it with a file
: manager, web browser, or dired.

Yes, I thought about it too.  But it was so easy to just type
less /usr/doc/isdn^I to get to
     /usr/doc/isdnutils ... 

If we reorgenize it, I'll have to remember the ``slot'' (whatever it
is) the package is in :-(

1)	We could use these ``slots'' and add an additional dir, just
    like /usr/doc/All and have symlinks to or from it.

2)  We could create an alphabetical hierarchy, like

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