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Re^2: Status of Debian Policy

Am 16.06.97 schrieb liw # iki.fi ...

Moin Lars!

LW> It was decided many moons ago that Debian would use HTML as its
LW> primary on-line documentation format. HTML should be the default.

That's right. But a lot of important packages like doc-linux don't use  

LW> is done with texi2html. For example, you can't reformat Info
LW> files, and the layout is rather horrible.

The most beginners don't like info because there's no good browser. I  
would vote for texi2html because it look's much better than info2html and  
the user doesn't need a WWW server.

LW> In my humble opinion, packages should include HTML in the main
LW> package, and put Info files in a separate package if they are

I think we should use HTML in the packages. Additional we could produce  
postscript files for printing. The info format is useless.

LW> large. Of course, given that most of the world seems to be
LW> using Emacs, Info is probably too popular for this decision.

The beginners don't like emacs ;-).

I would suggest, that we introduce a new directory /usr/html or
/usr/doc/html for the HTML documents. So we could seperate HTML and ASCII  
(/usr/doc) documents. This seperation makes the development of HTML help  
systems like dwww much easier.

cu, Marco

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