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Re: top and window resizing

Message from Helmut Geyer (Helmut.Geyer@IWR.Uni-Heidelberg.De) on 6-4-97:
> Sam Ockman <ockman@cs.stanford.edu> wrote (in the thread on ncurses):
> >: Now that I think about it, the program "top" is another offender that it
> >: would be nice to figure out someway to make it so the xterm-window can
> >: resize it.)
> Well, it surely works for me (I wrote most of the currently used code
> in top). top does a resize when it gets a SIGWINCH, which is what
> xterm should send to it via the shell.
> Could you please specify your problems? 


Start with an 80x24 xterm...

Run top...everything works fine...

Grab corner...expand to 80x32...everything still works...number of lines
shown expands...

Grab corner...expand to 90x32....length of lines shown stays 80 (but
note...if I restart and expand from 80 to 90 as my first operation, the
line expands on any subsequent expansion of xterm, line lengths stay the

Go from 90x32 to 90x25...works okay...

Expand back to 90x32....first shows a few lines from scroll back buffer,
then redraws and shows 25 lines only.

Anyone else able to reproduce this behavior?

top -v says procps version 1.11

dpkg -l on procps says 1.11.6


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