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Re: Unresolved symbols with ibmtr_cs PCMCIA module

Stephen Zander <stephen.zander@interlock.mckesson.com> writes:

> Further in my attempts to setup up a Thinkpad 760CD...
> When attempting to load the ibmtr_cs.o mdules under the standard
> 2.0.30 kernel, I get the folliowing unresolved symbols.
> netif_rx_R9117ffb8
> dev_alloc_skb_R24e337ab
> dev_kfree_skb_R7a61ae71
> dev_tint_Rcc72f6b2
> unregister_netdev_Re5a9d51a
> register_netdev_R70caa700
> tr_setup_R787bcf6f
> tr_type_trans_Rf1130552
> Should I load another module to resolve these or is there
> something else I'm missing?

This is caused by an incompatibility between the pcmcia modules and
the kernel's configuration.  I've created new packages that fix this
problem (pcmcia-cs and pcmcia-modules-2.0.30-7, both version 2.9.6-1)
that currently are waiting to be included in the distribution.  I am
sorry for the inconvenience.

If anyone needs these packages now, before they can be included into
the distribution, send me a message and I can e-mail them using either
MIME encoding or uuencode.


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