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Re: routing question

templin@bucknell.edu (Pete Templin)  wrote on 18.06.97 in <Pine.LNX.3.96.970616173327.3206A-100000@templinux.bucknell.edu>:

> Let me try some somewhat off-topic questions here: I really think the ISP
> is clueless and not communicating the presence of our network to its
> upstream provider.  Could a bunch of you developers please try the
> following three traceroute commands and tell me what you get?

I sent that directly, no need to bother debian-devell with long  
traceroutes. In short:

> % traceroute


> % traceroute
> % traceroute

ICMP Host not reachable from fngw-T3-prolog.NEREP.NET.

And all three have working PTR records, i.e. DNS _does_ work.

Telnet to the modem IP works fine:

[ kai@muenster ] ~ $ telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Debian GNU/Linux 1.3 srv1.jdweb.com

srv1 login:

> I seem to get caught in a routing loop at fngw-T3-prolog.NEREP.NET when I
> try the second and third command, and it looks to me like that router is
> misconfigured.  The ISP claims that traceroute (and ping) won't work until
> DNS is ready.

That claim is complete nonsense, of course; and the router is most  
definitely misconfigured.

> I also can't seem to get out of the intranet via the Linux diald machine.

Under the circumstances, that's what I'd expect.

> I'm testing stuff using tracert under WinNT, and getting *'s.  Here's the
> output of route (I've tried cleaning it up manually, but it still doesn't
> route):

Try the following. Do a tcpdump on your modem interface (tcpdump -i ppp0).  
See if packets from the srv2 actually pass over that interface.

If yes, you just suffer from the ISP's routing problems.

If no, you also have a local problem. Next, do the tcpdump on eth0 to see  
if the packets make it to srv1. If yes, the problem is routing on srv1; if  
not, it's routing on srv2 (probably a missing route for default to srv1).

> I have created some accounts for generic testing.  If any of are brave
> enough to take a snoop on the actual machine, let me know and I'll "let
> you in."

Can do, if you want me to. In that case, drop me a line.

MfG Kai

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