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Re: Re^2: Status of Debian Policy

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Marco Budde:
> That's right. But a lot of important packages like doc-linux don't use  

The transition to using HTML as the primary on-line documentation
format is somewhat incomplete, yes. :)

> I would suggest, that we introduce a new directory /usr/html or

Er, no. All documentation goes below /usr/doc (or /usr/share/doc
under the new version of FSSTND (to be known as FHS :)). That
manual pages and info files go under /usr/man and /usr/info,
respectively, is because of historical and techical
reasons. There's no need to do that for HTML. It's better to
keep documentation in one place so that it can, for example, be
shared between machines easily. It also makes it easier to
access them via the Debian web server setups.

(This has, I think, also been discussed.)

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