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Re: Sub-categorizing the /usr/doc directory.


	I don't think that just the number of entries are good enough
 a reason to split up /usr/doc, and loose the ability to do (amongst
 other things) ls -ltr on the dir. If sheer number is objectionable,
 look at the following: ( they are results of something like ls -1 xx
 | wc -l). why pick on /usr/doc?


for j in / /usr /var /usr/lib ; do
  find $j -xdev -type d  -print | while read i; do 
     echo  $(ls -1 $i | wc -l) \	 $i
  done ;
done | sort -r -n

2103     /var/lib/dpkg/info
1933     /usr/doc/wxwin/html/wx
1529     /usr/bin
1320     /usr/man/man1
1102     /usr/man/man3
1102     /usr/X11R6/man/man3
984      /dev
803      /usr/lib/emacs/19.34/lisp
794      /usr/lib/emacs/common/auctex/auto
708      /usr/doc
670      /usr/lib/picon/users/dk/auc/iesd
533      /usr/doc/jdk1.1/docs/api
493      /usr/lib
493      /usr/lib
490      /usr/doc/jdk-apidocs/html
449      /usr/lib/picon/domains/com
431      /usr/lib/dist/U

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