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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

On May 26, Brian C. White wrote
> Hamm (Debian 2.0)

Some more ideas/goals:
* PAM-mify at least the essential authentication programs (passwd, su,...)
  and preferably all programs that require authentication (POP clients, 
  webservers, ...).
  From the FAQ <URL:http://parc.power.net/morgan/Linux-PAM/FAQ>:
  >Q3: Are there any distributions (of Linux) that come with PAM?

  >YES. Currently, the only distributions that are shipped with PAM installed
  >are Red Hat Linux distributions. [...] 
  >Caldera will be supporting PAM.
  >Debian has made a commitment to support PAM in the future, there is a
  >debian package for it but applications have not been made available.
  >Nothing is known of other distributions.

* Link shared libraries themselves against other shared libs, instead of
  including their code static (e.g. as current S-Lang already does); this
  can reduce memory use.
  See H.J. Lu's "ELF: From The Programmer's Perspective"
  for details. 

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