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Tri-Linux's discription

I think one thing we need to seriously work on for Debian 2.0, is our
reputation.  It seems we  have a reputation for being hard to install,
even though, IMO, 1.3 was very easy to install.

Just look at this c.o.l.a announcment from tri-linux

Our most popoular CD, TRI-LINUX has been completely revised for this new
relaese.  This new CD contains the complete Intel binary distributions 
for Debian 1.3, Slackware 3.2 and Redhat 4.2

        We created this CD especially for those who are undecided. 
        You can install all three in 3-4 hours and see for yourself.
        Redhat and Slackware are the easiest to install and are both 
        maintained on the internet by small companies with long track 
        records serving the Linux community.  Debian is maintained 
        by a group of volunteers arround the globe via the internet.

What does this say about debian.  If I were a new user, I'd want to
install red hat or slackware based on this announcment because they "are
the easiest to install".

Just my 2 cents,


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