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tin copyright problems?

/usr/doc/tin/copyright says that tin is distributed under the GPL but lots
of *.c files have one of the following copyright statements:

 *  Copyright : (c) Copyright 1991-94 by Iain Lea
 *              You may  freely  copy or  redistribute  this software,
 *              so  long as there is no profit made from its use, sale
 *              trade or  reproduction.  You may not change this copy-
 *              right notice, and it must be included in any copy made


 *  Copyright : (c) Copyright 1991-94 by Stan Barber & Iain Lea
 *              Permission is hereby granted to copy, reproduce, redistribute
 *              or otherwise use this software  as long as: there is no
 *              monetary  profit  gained  specifically  from the use or
 *              reproduction or this software, it is not  sold, rented,
 *              traded or otherwise marketed, and this copyright notice
 *              is included prominently in any copy made.



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