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Re: Status of Debian Policy

On Mon, 16 Jun 1997, joost witteveen wrote:

> > I'm somehow confused now. Is registering to "dwww" any different from the
> > "menu" system? Joost, perhaps you can give use some hints here (I think
> > Jim is offline now).
> It used to be the same, and that's why I also asked Jim about that.
> But he seems to have something different in mind, I'm not quite sure 
> what he does have in mind though. Also I'm not sure it's better than
> what we have currently, but anyway, here's an email he sent me:
> (I hope Jim doesn't mind me reproducing it, but it seems he isn't
> telling any secrets here)

Unfortunately, Jim is offline so he can't explain his concepts.

I hope he has good arguments for it, since I would not like to have two
concurring menu systems in Debian: menu and dwww. I think it shouldn't be
too hard to change the menu package to dwww's needs, if this should be

If the text of my "Policy Proposal" actually works with the current "menu"
package, I'd say we include this in the next Policy Manual. If Jim is back
and we should decide that the registering method really has to be changed,
we can simply adopt the Policy again.

Joost, is the proposed text correct?



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