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Re: Re^2: Status of Debian Policy

  Lars> It was decided many moons ago that Debian would use HTML as its
  Lars> primary on-line documentation format. HTML should be the default.

  Marco>  That's right. But a lot of important packages like doc-linux don't
  Marco> use HTML.

Well, the maintainer (that's me) prefers info as the basis format, and dwww
(thanks to Lars and Jim !) to render the documentation into hypertext.

However, Christian Schwarz asked me to do html as well. That will be some
work as HOWTO packages comes as tar.gz files with no surcompassing
index.html.  I'll have to do some perl hacking. No promises for the June
release, maybe for July.

But let me say it again:  info files are better because they are more
versatile as a base format. And they are much smaller. Much smaller. [1] 

Finally, I can also search an entire HOWTO at once in my preferred editor
(which happens to uncompress the gzipped text on the fly).

[1] 	edd@miles:~> du -sS /mirror/sunsite/HOWTO/
	1482    /mirror/sunsite/HOWTO    

is already smaller than 

	edd@miles:~> du -sS /mirror/sunsite/HOWTO/other-formats/html/
	1694    /mirror/sunsite/HOWTO/other-formats/html    

which we will have to untar and gunzip:

	edd@miles:/tmp/howtos> for i in /mirror/sunsite/HOWTO/other-formats/html/*tar.gz; do tar xfz $i; done
	edd@miles:/tmp/howtos> du -sS .
	5730    .            
	edd@miles:/tmp/howtos> echo 5730/1482 | bc -l

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